Donor Honor Roll

UCR’s GSOE would like to recognize the generous contributions of our donors!

June 2017-present

Bezos Family Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. John and Kathy Allavie
Drs. Irving Hendrick & Linda Scott Hendrick
Drs. Stephen & Ruth Sandlin
Dr. Patricia A. Hatch
Haynes Foundation
John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
John and Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation
Justice Barton C. Gaut & Mrs. Merla C. Gaut
MacArthur Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and Nancy Noller
Mr. Chester G. Fossum, Jr.
Mr. Clyde Derrick
Mr. Dwight A. Tate & Dr. Katherine A. Wright
Mr. James C. Calkins
Mr. John Torres, Jr.
Mr. Ted & Dr. Jo Dutton
Mrs. Christine R. Jones
Mrs. Paula E. Torres
Mrs. Sara K. Peck
Ms. Barbara Kerr
Ms. Elizabeth V. Dunne
Ms. Esther Severy
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
Spencer Foundation
Stuart Foundation
The Tower Foundation of San Jose State University

Areas of Support
June 2017-present

Athena Waite Teacher Education Fund
Beckman Coulter Foundation Scholars Fund
Bridge to Success Teacher Education Endowed Student Award Fund
Flora Ortiz Endowed Scholarship Fund
General Support for Teacher Education
General Support for the Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Education (GSOE) Colloquium Fund
GSOE Teacher Education Fund
Institute for Teachers of Color (ITOC)
James E. and James C. Calkins Endowed Teacher Preparation Graduate
Award Fund
John and Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation Teacher Education Scholarships
Operation Education Fund
Research in the School of Education
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Teacher Education Professional Development Seminar Fund
SEARCH Family Autism Resource Center
UCR-RUSD Pipeline Scholarship Fund