Dr. Joseph Kahne Partners with Teaching Channel

Who says kids can’t be politically active? Headed by Graduate School of Education professor Joseph Kahne and Erica Hodgin, UC Riverside’s Civic Engagement Research Group recently collaborated with Teaching Channel in curating “Educating for Democracy,” a collection of videos, blogs, research articles, and other resources designed to help educators prepare youth for civic engagement.

The collection, part of Teaching Channel’s “Deep Dive” series, serves as a jumping-off point for teachers looking to influence young people’s participation in democracy. Subjects covered include how to assist students with researching social issues that interest them, how to encourage healthy and productive dialogues both inside and outside of the classroom, and how to guide budding activists to mobilize in their own communities.

Leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Kahne, who holds the Ted and Jo Dutton Presidential Chair in Educational Policy and Politics at UCR, conducted extensive research on young people’s inability to discern fake from real news in digital spaces. With that in mind, “Educating for Democracy” also features videos and web links to lesson-planning materials geared toward teaching students new techniques to better determine the accuracy of information found online. Those interested in learning more can access the collection here and follow @Ed4Democracy on Twitter.

Tess Eyrich

This article is written by Tess Eyrich and was originally published in UCR Today.